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Pittsburg Power Company is committed to helping build opportunities and programs that promote and enhance the greater good of the people within those communities.

In 2008, the Pittsburg Power Company created the Community Outreach Grant Program to invest in the communities in which we serve.

Through the Community Outreach Program, Pittsburg Power Company has supported local scholarships and job training programs, provided job opportunities for youth, and assisted in the support of local events such as the Pittsburg Seafood Festival.

In 2009, the Pittsburg Power Company and the City of Pittsburg Water Department sponsored the California Youth Energy Program. This program employed 9 youth ages 15-22 and 3 staff persons to perform energy and water conservation audits in the homes of Pittsburg residents.

NOTE: As of April 19, 2017, Pittsburg Power Company’s Outreach Program¬†has been suspended indefinitely.